Star, Idaho

Star, Idaho is also known as, “The brightest jewel in the Gem State.” The city got its name from a schoolhouse with a wooden star nailed to its front door. When travelers saw the schoolhouse with the star, they knew they were in a friendly town and would stop and find lodging. Today, Star continues to be a city where people come to settle down and pursue their dreams.

While Star, Idaho has long been a town of hospitality to travelers and those seeking a home, the same hospitality need not be extended to the pests who invade homes and businesses. Unfortunately, they don’t need an invitation to cause problems in your life.

If pests have become an unwelcome presence in your life, we can help. We have spent over 35 years providing pest control in Idaho and Oregon. We have dealt with bugs, flying insects, rodents, and other pests common to the Northwest United States. Our technicians are the best in the business, use the highest quality products, and employ techniques that are proven to be efficient and effective.

Avaliable Treatments

Star, Idaho is a great place to live. A variety of community events and recreation programs allow you to meet your neighbors and build a sense of community. That is, if you are not too busy battling a pest infestation in your home. If you need some backup in your fight against pests, we have got your back. We have decades of experience ridding homes of pesky pests. Our technicians are the best in the business and use the highest quality pest control products and methods. They will eliminate your pest problem and fortify your home against future issues, all while treating you and your home with respect and courtesy. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, so our technicians are trained to battle all of the common pests in our area.

Star has been seeing an explosion in its population recently and consistently ranks as one of the fastest growing cities in Idaho. This boom in population means there is a large and growing base of customers for Star businesses. For businesses looking to capitalize on this ideal environment, it is important to maintain a “clean and tidy” reputation. Unfortunately, a pest infestation can do a lot of damage to your reputation. If a pest infestation is wreaking havoc on your business, contact us today. At Altus Pest Control we understand that the needs of businesses are different from those of the residential sphere. To meet your needs, we offer commercial treatment plans. Our knowledgeable technicians can solve any current pest issue or implement preventative steps to ward of future infestations. We use the highest quality pest control products and utilize methods that are effective, efficient, and safe. If your business has been invaded by pests, contact us today. We will bring your pest problems to a timely and satisfactory end.

If you want a pest free life, contact us today.

We have built our business on two principles: friendliness and professional results. As a family-owned business, we strive to keep our business interactions friendly and warm. However, friendly relations by themselves won’t make pest problems go away. That’s why, along with that friendliness, you can expect top notch professionality. Our technicians are all highly trained and very knowledgeable in their field. This commitment to customer service combined with our professional pest control standards are the formula we follow to build a positive reputation for ourselves and to ensure that our clients can live their best lives.

We have spent 35+ years providing pest control to the pacific northwest. We are familiar with the wide variety of pests that are found in this area and have worked out effective treatments for each.

As part of those treatments, and because of our commitment to excellence, we use only the highest quality pest control products and methods. Our products and methods are eco-friendly and are safe to be used around your family and pets. Our pest control process will eliminate the immediate issues and fortify your home against future invasions. Along with each service is included a thorough de-webbing and de-wasping of the exterior eves. This extra step not only helps to render your home pest free, it helps leave your home looking clean and appealing.

Don’t let pests get you down. Contact us today and watch your pest problems go away!