Odorous House Ants

One of the most prevalent pests homeowners will encounter is the odorous ant, also known as house ant. Because they live in colonies and travel together, lone ants are uncommon. Pheromones, which are signals that can indicate the presence of food or danger, are the means by which they communicate as social insects. When one insect tracks down food, she (since all laborer insects are sterile females) alarms the settlement and soon many insects show up to gather the abundance. Because of this, if crumbs are left on your floor, you will soon have hundreds of ants and a significant issue in your kitchen. When you do it alone, keeping ants out feels like an impossible uphill battle. Professional ant control is the only way to effectively remove ants from your home.

General Information

All ants have three main body parts: a head, thorax and abdomen. They communicate with the rest of the colony through their antennas. Ant colonies are extraordinarily organized and sophisticated. Males, female worker ants, and a queen make up a colony. The female workers do not have wings, but the queen and the male workers do. When ants appear in your home, they are the colony’s female workers gathering food. The sole function of the male ants, or drones, which only live for a few weeks, is to mate with the queen. On the other hand, worker ants can live anywhere from one to three years, while queen ants can live up to thirty years. An ant colony can live for hundreds of years because, when the old queen dies, a new queen takes over. Therefore, if you have an ant problem, it probably won’t go away on its own. You really want the assistance of pest control specialists to guarantee these ants don’t move in for good.

Here are some sure-fire signs of an infestation:

The signs of an ant infestation are usually pretty obvious – ants milling around your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, garage, or anywhere else they can find food and water.  With their highly developed sense of smell, they go in search of food and water to accomplish their primary objective, which is to maintain the health and nutrition of the colony. They can squeeze into small cracks and crevices because they are so small, so it is important to keep your home tightly sealed to prevent them from entering. They can go inside your walls, flooring sections, roofs, and completely invade each square inch of your home.

How Altus Pest Control Can Get Rid of Odorous House Ants Ants

There are hundreds of products on the market that can assist you in eliminating ants. The issue with these products are that a large number of them don’t work successfully because they are not used properly. You need to know how ants behave, and Altus Pest Control technicians know how ants react to different kinds of ant control. When homeowners put baits down, the ants send out alerts when they see some of their friends getting poisoned. The ants become extremely aware of any threat to the hive when they are exposed to that danger pheromone. They may even move the hive if they think it is in serious danger. By dispersing the hive, it can break off into multiple hives, where it can produce a new queen, resulting in an even worse infestation. This makes your infestation even worse. Ant control needs to be done with care, and Altus Pest Control’s experts can help you get rid of the ants right the first time.

Altus Pest Control provides the BEST in Odorous House Ant elimination and prevention