Brown Recluse Spider

What You Should Know About Brown Recluse Spiders in Oregon

Brown recluse spiders are extremely rare in Oregon. This spider’s range is confined to the south-central U.S. It is not found in the Pacific NW. The only known cases of this spider have been linked to people moving into the PNW from areas of known infestation.

According to research done by many different organizations, including Washington State University and a number of pest management professionals, almost all bites attributed to brown recluses actually came from hobo spiders.

Hobo spiders and brown recluse spiders are sometimes confused with each other. A brown recluse is generally smaller than a hobo spider, is much less hairy, lacks the chevron markings on the abdomen, and most often has a distinctive violin-shape mark in the center of the thorax that give them the name “Fiddle Back.” They also have just 3 eyes where a typical spider has eight eyes. Its venom is necrotic, causing wounds that may be slow to heal.

Here are some key ways to tell the difference between the two arachnids:

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