Voles, also called meadow mice or field mice, are rodents with small eyes and partially hidden ears. Voles are often mistaken for mice because of their similar appearance, but voles have a stockier build than common house mice and smaller tails and ears. They have a blunt snout with chisel-shaped front teeth. Voles are a small animal slightly larger than mice who can absolutely devastate lawns and landscaping. Meadow voles are usually between 4-6 inches long, including the tail. These little creatures burrow under the ground, eating bulbs, plants, and insects.

General Information

You can often identify the presence of voles by the runway paths they leave on top of your lawn, often leading to the entrance of an underground tunnel system. Voles have a primarily vegetarian diet eating plants, tree bark, grass, bulbs and roots. If you have a healthy lawn, a vegetable garden or ornamental trees and shrubs, you could attract voles. Voles are notorious for eating root vegetables and plant bulbs. They will eat the roots of plants, destroy yards, gardens, and beautiful landscaping. Voles are considered the most prolific rodent, with an ability to multiply from two to 100 in a single year.

You can identify vole damage by looking for these following signs:

Voles can carry several diseases such as Hantavirus, which humans can contract by coming into contact with feces, urine, or saliva from infected voles.  Voles can also transmit mites.  For these reasons, it’s highly suggested that you do not handle voles directly. Voles are active and breed year-round, this means that a small vole presence can quickly become a very large problem.

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How Altus Pest Control Can Get Rid of Voles

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