Mud Daubers

When you think of a wasp, a certain image probably comes to mind of a yellow and black insect. While that image encompasses many types of wasps, mud dauber wasps are some of the most unique looking. One distinguishing characteristic of mud daubers is a thin, thread-like waist. Some mud daubers are jet black, while others will have yellow markings. The name “mud dauber” actually refers to any wasp that builds its nest from mud and may also be called a “dirt dauber,” “organ pipe wasp,” “mud wasp,” or “potter wasp.”

Nests consist of short mud tubes constructed side-by-side and are most often located in shaded areas like porch ceilings, under eaves, or in sheds and barns. Mud daubers live in nests constructed by the female population of the colony. Mud wasps prefer warmer weather. They are primarily daytime hunters and will most likely spend the night resting in its nest.

Mud Daubers Facts:

How Altus Pest Control Can Get Rid of Mud Daubers

Mud daubers are quite common in the Northwest. Although mud daubers are generally non-aggressive insects, the distinctive mud dauber nests can be a nuisance. Our wasp control experts can quickly and accurately determine the type of wasp on your property and implement the best possible solution.

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