Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are the most common of the stinging pests. They are recognized by their characteristic yellow and black markings. Several species of yellow jackets inhabit the northwest. They are social insects that live in colonies that can number from several hundred up to 4000 individuals.

Often mistaken for honeybees, yellow jackets are brighter and much more shiny than honeybees. These are the smallest of the common social wasps. They are relatively short and stout compared with other wasps. Yellow jackets may have a rapid side to side flight pattern prior to landing.

During warm weather, yellow jackets are likely to build nests outdoors. Patios, porches, gazebos and even along roof lines are ideal spots. During the cooler months, they are likely to seek out areas that allow them to remain warm, sometimes nesting in crawl spaces or even sections of ductwork in the basement.

Yellow Jacket Facts:

How Altus Pest Control Can Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

Attempting to remove a nest or spray them with water or even with over the counter pesticides can prove to be both difficult and dangerous. If you’re having troubles with yellow jackets, call Altus Pest today!

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