Bare Ground
Weed Control

Our bare ground sterilant service will keep weeds and grasses from growing for up to one year! This treatment is perfect for driveways, vacant lots, RV Parking, gravel parking lots, easements, fencelines, or anywhere else you don’t want vegetation to grow.

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Bare Ground Weed Control Methods

Chemical bare ground weed control is the most effective method of weed management and is best left to experts. Timing, product strength and safety are top concerns when applying herbicide.

How We Control Weeds

We can control weeds in driveways, RV parking sites, fence lines, steep banks and even flower beds. We use a combination of a well-timed applications of pre-and-post-emergence herbicides along with a vegetation control formulation.
Our bare ground formulations are non-selective vegetation killers “total kill” that last in the soil for a lengthy period, particularly in arid environments. Our bare ground treatment will kill all vegetation in the treated area and provide residual protection preventing vegetation from growing back, for a period of six months to a year.  

Our Formulation

Our bare ground service is a well-timed application of pre-and-post-emergence herbicides with a vegetation management formulation used to get long lasting vegetation control. We use re-emergence herbicides that affect sprouting seeds and soil sterilants that are designed to kill existing vegetation and provide long lasting results, guaranteed.

Where We Control Weeds

Our bare ground formulations are meant for use in non-vegetated areas, such as RV pads, driveways, parking lots, utility areas, along fence lines, gravel drives, right of ways, and anywhere else you don’t want vegetation to grow. For best results, the formulation should be applied before the weed seeds germinate, typically late winter or very early spring, however treatments can be applied anytime during the year. (Treatments need to be incorporated into the soil through rainfall or overhead watering. It is essential that the weed control products be applied and watered in prior to the weeds emerging.)