How serious of a threat do termites pose?

It can be very expensive to fix damage caused by termites. Termites can do a lot of harm to your home if they establish a colony there. The annual damage caused by termites in the United States is estimated to be $5 billion, as reported by the National Pest Management Association. These bugs can cost households hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Termites - What You Should Know

Termites’ desire to eat leads them to do things like leave blisters in wooden floors and hollow them out. The price of termite treatment and an annual inspection is negligible compared to the price of repairs after termite damage.
Blisters or dark spots on a wooden floor could be evidence of termite damage.
Termites can quickly colonize a large area, causing a major infestation. For years, there may be no indication that termites are present on or within your property. They’ll have plenty of time to develop and procreate. There may be as many as a million termites in a fully developed colony. That means a full-fledged infestation of termites may have already compromised the structural integrity of your property below ground.
Drywood termites are active when they leave mounds of pellets that look like sawdust or coffee grounds.
Treatment for a severe termite infestation will be more expensive. Without prompt treatment, a termite infestation can eat away at your home’s wooden structures. Inspecting for termites on a regular basis can help prevent problems in the future.
Termites often leave behind their spent wing cases after swarming. Several black or brown termites that have recently died may also be present.

How can I tell if I have termites?

Termites are difficult to notice since they are tiny and spend much of their time underground. But they do leave clues that can be used to identify them. Mud tubes, blisters in the floor, droppings that look like sawdust or coffee grounds, lost wings, and hollow timber are all telltale indicators of termites. Termites can remain concealed for years, so it’s important for every homeowner to get their home inspected once a year, even if they haven’t seen any signs of the pests.

What methods may I use to eliminate termites from my home?

There are several variables to consider when deciding how to eliminate termites in your home, such as the kind of termites, the severity of the infestation, and your location. Getting rid of termites is a tricky business, therefore it’s better to use experts. Do-it-yourself termite treatments are generally ineffective and can end up costing more than hiring a pro would have. You may book a free termite inspection with Altus Pest Control right now.

When do I know I have termites, and how can I stop them?

Hiring a professional is one of the greatest ways to protect against termites. That way, you know you’re well-protected against termites and their destruction. Nonetheless, there are actions that homeowners can take to aid the cause. If you want to prevent termites from your home, you should keep your plants pruned and away from it, keep firewood away from the house, avoid having mulch touch the foundation, and replace any dripping faucets or other sources of moisture surrounding the house.

Say Goodbye to Termites in Your Home